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Designing and crafting high quality home decor for over 30 years

T.I. Design is a 30 year-old manufacturing and design company based in Ft. Pierce, Florida. We are a wholesaler and distributor of decorative wall art, sculptures and gifts.  
Our talented  in house design team works very hard to bring you unique and creative artwork for your home!  We are based in Florida, and have a permanent showroom to the trade in the Atlanta gift mart for over 25 years.  Our designers and craftsman work in the mixed mediums of wood, steel, stone and glass.  All of our items are hand crafted by skilled artists.  Each item is also hand painted so no two items are identical.  Items may vary in shape and color.   We sell to the finer gifts shops, furniture stores, and dept. stores throughout the US and Canada.  You can also find our items being sold at many a Caribbean port of call and Hawaii.

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Palm Trees on a Beach


We have been designing and selling decorative art for over 30 years.  Our unique items are conceived and designed in Florida by American artists, and reproduced by Indonesian artisans on the Island of Bali, where traditional craftsmen have been working for over 10 generations.

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Bali and Traditional Carvings

Balinese sculpture uses natural media  wood, stone, bone, horn, deadwood, and even gnarled tree roots.  Any visitor to Bali is likely to be exposed to wood carving in all forms from traditional ornate carved doors, the carved figures of gods, or the countless carved items in craft shops. Wood carving is a craft practiced all over Bali.

Balinese Artistry

Art is omnipresent in Bali. The Balinese make art out of the most basic necessities in their daily lives. Painting, sculpture, carving and music have traditionally been the province of men, while women channeled their creative energy into creating lavish offerings to the gods. In every festival, you can see spectacular pyramids of flowers, fruit, and cakes up to two meters high, constructed with such love and adoration that it could only be meant for a higher being. Although a religiously regarded practice, Balinese art does not serve religion solely. It is incredible to see so many people in such a small area pour so much energy into creating beautiful things.

Bali Stone Carving

The technique used in stone carving is very much the same as wood carving as soft volcanic rock is used. You can vividly see stone carving skills in the distinctive split gates, swirling stone friezes, and absurd and menacing mythological statuary. As well as portraying deities and demons, carvers have included many scenes from public life and there are many temple surfaces enriched with the antics of the Dutch Colonialists, including scenes of bicycles, drunken parties, car break-downs and even airplanes.

Mark Malizia

Owner, Designer

Mark has practiced three dimensional metal sculpting for over 15 years. Keen observations of nature have inspired this self-taught craftsman. Mark harbors a deep love and passion for fishing, having spent many summer weekends as a boy fishing with his grandfather and uncles along the Jersey Shore. His passion has endured because not only is he drawn to the big catch, but to the endless, awe-inspiring beauty of the sea. He is fascinated by the interplay of light, movement and form found on the ocean. This is realized in the unique depths and finishes of the metal sculpture you have discovered online and at many retailers throughout the US and abroad. Mark hopes it will inspire your environment for years to come. Not only is Mark Malizia a Designer/Owner of T.I. Design, he has also started another company, Copper Art. Creative designs from high grade metals and colored in exotic patina finishes create that stand out art piece you‘ll treasure.

Rocky Island
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Joanne Ferrara


Originally from North Jersey, where she was a high school art teacher.  Joanne has been designing creative artwork for over 28 years from her art studio in Florida.  Her creative flair spans a range from Nautical, Tropical works, to life like creations inspired by nature.  Joanne is now gearing up to bring out her new collection of designs with our artisan counterparts in Bali, Indonesia.  Our next role out of new products will be shown at the Atlanta GA. Gift Market.  This is to the trade only show, and takes place every January and July.

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